Saturday, February 16, 2008

Confessions of a Blogophobe

This will be my second attempt at sending out a blog blurb… the first was mistakenly done in Hindi, not to be translated. Who could know? My sweet partner and friend, Eileen, has persuaded me to admit to the root of my fear of blogging. OK, I love her too much to say no. I used to be a consummate journal fiend from an early age. Everything went into my diary since I was very quiet and shy but also emotional. My youngest sister (by 6 years) was a continual pest, into everything of mine. “A compliment” my dad would say. One very memorable junior high day, I was playing football with the guys. I was a devoted tomboy. We were huddled up, getting the play from the quarterback. I was told to run deep and wait for the pass, while Steve, “with the eyes like deep pools of chocolate” was to go down the left side….. Well, that was weird and why are they looking at me? The pass went out of bounds so we came back to the huddle. “Kip since you have the “blond hair and sea blue eyes of a surfer”, head for the creek…. Oh, no, this is sounding familiar. My stomach flipped and I could feel the non-hot flash flush creeping up from my toes. Then, the primal scream!! (Never to appear again until childbirth) “Where did you get it?” After a long, guilt laden pause, the confession…. “Your sister sold pages from your diary, 25 cents each. She wants a new Barbie doll.” Never have I shared again…. Until now!

I have been working on designs for our new line of baby items... bibs, burb cloths, blankets... all of the things we never had time to make for our own little ones. Check them out! Eileen & I will be adding new items as we finish them, some in our signature patchwork patterns. Rhinestones are waiting in the wings! The soft pastel colors are so sweet and uplifting, you have to smile just looking at them. Who can resist the little bears, ducks, rocking horses and baby bottles. And the new chenille and "Minky" fabrics are so soft. We love 'em! Eileen & I cherish the time when we can sew together. Sometimes we even invite special guests, like my grandson Jacen.

Have a great week-end! Next week, more revealing facts about ourselves and our work. Don't miss it!

Karen & Eileen


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh Karen !!! That would be a nightmare as a junior high girl ~ ahhh !!!
We promise we won't sell blog pages because they will be out there for the world to see already ~ :O)

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

I am so glad you put your fears behind you and blogged! I look forward to reading more posts and seeing pics of your fabulous products (and your adorable grandson!). Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment on my new line of teatime jewelry.

PS If you can blog, you can post on the MMP forum! :)
Pink hugs,

Tara said...

Hi Eileen!
Thanks for stopping by and taking the survey, have a great day!~xo

gail said...

Hi Karen and Eileen... thanks for the kind words of encouragement on blogging. But its fun huh? But boy Karen, WOW that would scar you. LOL I am glad you have decided its OK now. You have a great week. xxoo gail