Thursday, May 31, 2007

Celebrating Life & Grand Openings!

Today I have been cleaning our house top to bottom in preparation for the mounds of family members arriving tomorrow in celebration of my sons high school graduation. What a blessing to have them share this special time with us! I have three children, and this is our last child. Yes, next fall when my son goes off to collage we will be....oh I can't hard say the awful word, "Empty Nester's"! While cleaning the day away, my thoughts wondered back through the years and all the memories. How can a such a squirmy little kid grow up to be such a remarkable young man....and just how did the time go so fast? How blessed we have been to share a lifetime of special events with family and friends. Last summer and the one before that everyone was here for my daughters weddings. Both weddings rank at the top of my list of "favorite days". Vacations, sporting events, dance competitions and musical performances are on that list of favorites too. It seemed there was hardly a day without a performance or competition of some sort to attend. But what a blessing it has been to be an active participant in my kids lives. I wouldn't change a minute of it for all the wealth in the world. And now that the kids are grown, turn about is fair play and I am enjoying having their help with our business and understanding all this computer technology. My oldest daughter designed the graphics for our website and taught me how to use Photoshop! Teaching this old dog new tricks is a challenge at best! The other two and my husband are my biggest supporters and encourage me on those frustrating days. So while it feels a bit melancholy to transition to a new stage in life, I also realize that each stage is worth celebrating. And the advise I offer is, "no matter where your at in the process, take time to embrace each day and all the special people in your day to day life.

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